Acronym for” Lavorazioni Originali di Renato Castro " the company  offers  over 40 years experience in direct sales of the best ecological fur fabrics produced with an  exclusive know-how using both for fur and for the base fabric, precious fibres that allow the natural breathability and make  capes  warm, light and very comfortable

The creation is  entrusted to talented stylists and the making by  a tailor-made team highly specialized.

The company, existing since 1968, is always available to our customers to provide, in addition to Normal Guarantee, even Suggestions for Use, and Custom Garments and a Neverending  Assistance for any question.


Renato Castro

Renato Castro

The company, founded in 1968 by Renato Castro, art designer, fashion designer, model maker, to express his natural creative talent, which allowed him to work with many domestic and foreign companies of different sectors, and  with the most important advertising agencies and tv channels, to create prototypes and  for their  mass production, too

He’s  still leading  the company LORCA (acronym for Original Workings of Renato CAstro), using the stylistic genius of his own family and his  tailoring staff of the highest order that guarantees a perfect execution of all the produced capes.

Medaglia d'oro

Commendation by Prince Philip of England himself as  wwf President  around the world

Gold  Medal awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in 2009

Awards and Prize

The founder Renato Castro, animated by a great animalistic spirit ,  established a partnership with wwf and its president Fulco Pratesi, realizing the production of several  collections of stuffed animals. The most significant refers to an original and unique series of panda, which produced and marketed,  made a great contribution to the Association

Thanks to his activity he received, during a meeting in Geneva, a commandation  from Prince Philip of England himself, who was, at that time, the WWF President around the world.

On June 14, 2009, during the ceremony at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, he was awarded the gold medal by the Chamber of Commerce, for forty years of laudable activity.

"Premio Lavoro e Progresso", received on September 7, 1986 from” Segnalazione città d'Italia”, for the great economic and social development given the Country, through his own merchandising sector.