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Nature crimes

Whose side are you on?

Today in the world there are only 3200 Tigers. From 1900 to the present day the tiger population has had a 95% reduction in recent years, registering an exponential increase in the killings. Just consider that  between 2000 and 2009 were killed by poachers at least 1000 Tigers

This is a real war that is bringing to the  extinction of one  the most spectacular and fascinating species on the planet.

To try to stop the extinction of the Tiger, the 13 countries that still host  these animals in 2010, supported by WWF, signed an agreement in St. Petersburg aimed at an important cooperation to stop the bloodshed and double the number of Tigers by 2022.




We offer eco-friendly fabrics and tailoring clothes and Haute Couture to give the widest possible diffusion to the cruelty-free clothing


 Never only one dead animal to produce clothing or furnish


If you should look in an animal eyes, whatever he is, you would understand how monstrous is  the idea to kill him to wear his skin


This expression conceived by Renato Castro, founder of LORCA, inspired by a deep feeling of loving compassion toward animals, has always been the guiding principle of our business and is still considered the summary of our mission.

Buying  a product from us means joining a large family whose common main goal is to prevent, as much as possible, unnecessary and cruel suffering to  innocent and defenseless animals  who often receive in return for their loyalty and love, abuse, abandonment, and death, often with physical and moral sufferings even more harrowing as they are unable to understand such a  terrible cruelty.

Since the beginning we have chosen as a sales policy to contact directly to the consumer right to contain, as much as possible, the price, which is extremely cheap compared to what would be charged by a shopkeeper. Everything to make our product, an alternative to fur, to  have the widest possible diffusion.