Fixed model 

Here it  is possible to make changes to your own capes bought  few years before.

Washing with water or dry

To our customers we offer the possibility to do washing, ensuring an excellent outcome, also followed by also checking all the parts (hooks, pockets, any unstitching)


Our tailoring is available toour customers at reasonable costs for any type of repairs, from the small unwrapping to liner changing. There are also further challenging interventions such as tears and burns.


During the summer, the company offers the possibility to store your ecolgical fur in a  in well protected wardrobe from dust but "free" from any coating such as cloths or plastic bags, which could crush the hair or make wrinkles


Creation of custom clothes

The company LORCA srl is equipped with  highly specialized personnel able to meet every specific requirement from the customer.

In order to take the measurements of the cape to achieve customized, just follow the pattern shown here below

size scheme

Most of the modifications on existing capes do not increase the  price and  maintaining that the price of   the original model.

It is not practiced any increase on colours or fantasy variation  not existing for the model you have  choosen